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I don't remember the specific categories of the competition and I was rushed through the viewing as they were closing up, so I didn't get many of the artist names or as detailed photos as I would have liked.  If you can fill in any artist names, email me.

By Alana Bennett - 2nd place


By Tom Courtney - 1st place


Another first place winner by Tom Courtney


By Judy Frank - first place winner

A second place winner in the "Paris" category by Margaret ?? (looks like Margaret written on the tag - I could be wrong on that.)


Cissy as "Audrey" - a second place winner by Diane Kolodziejski.

Third place winner by Diane Kolodziejski.


Marcia Ricksgers (Marcia in MI, not me) entry in the "Paris category - Tyler in handpainted Ungaro silk chiffon and silk organza petticoat

2nd Place winner by Meg Hunt in "Paris" category.




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