There are 7 dressed Alex dolls, all with different hair styles, hair colors, eye color, and makeup.  These are prototypes.   I have heard rumors that she and Gene will be able to share clothing easily.

Alexandra Fairchild Ford.  I guess this is the "basic" doll.

Museum Gala. This one has a rhinestone in her bellybutton!

  Millennium Ball. This one reminds me of Susan Lucci.  Really beautiful dress!

"Lunch at 2" dressed doll.  Reminds me of Lisa Kudrow.

"Magazine Launch" dressed doll.  Reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker.  This suit has lovely embroidered black on black detail.

"Editor in Chief" dressed doll. 

"Dinner and a Movie" outfit. 

"Misty Magic" lingerie.

Sensual Essentials Accessory Pack

"Cape Cod" outfit.  This doll modeling the outfit is a prototype and not in the line.