Alex 2001

I couldn't get any pictures of Alex, but I will note some details.  One of the things that the salespeople pointed out was the use of zippers on the clothing and accessories.

Book Tour and The Tides (basic) dolls have bendable knees.  All other dolls are straight legged.

Mardi Gras - has painted butterfly "mask" on face.  Looks pretty with costume, but will make it impractical for this doll to wear any other clothing.

Book Tour - consists of lots of pieces - jacket with faux fur collar, skirt, pants, 2 shirts (one sheer with a teddy underneath), 2 purses, boots, shoes, and a tote bag.  The boots have working zippers on the side!

Shoe/Purse pack - These are great shoes, as you can expect from Tim Alberts.  The first pair is pink open-toed mules with a bow and little white dots.  The purse is a straw bag with a pink embroidered flower.  The second pair is black open-toed mules with a bow and little white dots (similar to the pink ones).  The matching purse is a black ultrasuede bag with dot cut-outs.  The third pair is black closed toes mules with a very detailed embroidered flower on the toe.  I forget exactly what the purse is, but I think it has the embroidery as well.  The whole set comes in an Alex hat box.

Wig set - 3 wigs, red, blonde, and brunette and several hair accessories - clips, rubber bands, barrettes.  They  come in an Alex hat box (smaller than the one for the shoe/purse pack).

Newport Drive - jeans have snap and working zipper.

Sunset Grille - has zipper on side of pants.

Sugar Mountain - jacket zippers, but zipper seems out of scale.

Cyber Launch - has knee high snakeskin black boots

Paris - there are 2 Paris dolls for this year - La Concorde, in casual clothes with a long straight ponytail and ??? in an orange evening gown. 



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