Butterfly Ring 2001
(Thomas Boland Company/Spellbound Dolls - designed by Sandra Bilotto)


There are 7 dolls for this year.  They will be produced as an annual edition and retired at the end of 2001.  The first 6 are expected to ship in March/April, and the 7th (a bride doll) will ship in June.

In keeping with the butterfly theme, all of the dolls have butterflies in various parts of their attire - jewelry charms, hair ornaments, beading design, etc. Tasha even has a butterfly tattoo on her derriere.  All of the dolls have panties with an embroidered butterfly and there is a butterfly inside the lining of the gowns.  The stand in a translucent pink sparkle butterfly shape with loose "gems" inside the base.  The dolls come with a necklace for the collector - a flexible wire necklace with a butterfly charm.  The packaging is simple and fairly compact - a narrow aqua shoebox style box with a butterfly cut-out where you can see the doll's face.

Among the nice details of the clothing are chains on the inside of cloaks/dresses, so you can hang them up and a label with washing instructions.  Some of the dolls have pantyhose, some have stockings.  All of them have panties.

2 of the dolls have ribbon tie shoes (Gigi and Jaclyn) and the others have very nice elegant styles.  Their feet have a high arch, so they will not be able to share shoes with other 15" - 16" fashion dolls.  These dolls also seem to be especially thin in the waist, so they may not be able to share clothing either.


Gigi Jaclyn
Stephanie Tasha
Valentina Koko
Gigi, with Jaclyn in the background











The legs are beautifully sculpted.  They have a very high arch, which will make shoe-sharing impossible with the other fashion dolls.

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