The Oil Baron's Ball
page 15

Miscellaneous Pictures from the Convention

2 DAE Dolls from Ben Grundfast's collection
Laurie Leigh repaint in a gown by her mother, Margo
Another Laurie Leigh repaint in a gown by her mother Margo
Laurie Leigh repaint 
The back of her gown (made by Laurie Leigh's mother, Margo)
Cindy Lorimer gown
Cindy Lorimer repaint and gown
Another Cindy Lorimer gown and repaint
Don't know who designed this
Belle of the Ball wearing my jewelry set, given as a gift at the Saturday banquet.  The magnetic pin is in her hair.
Lisa Gate's repainted Madra modeling Fashion Boulevard's Stepping Out in Tulsa gown, designed by Becky Geis
Madra modeling the Tulsa gown with my other jewelry gift set.  Magnetic pins are attached at the straps.

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