Daisy in "Go-Go Girl".  Willow in "Supper with Friends".  These are both dressed dolls.  Daisy has a long ponytail on the top.  Her "helmet" has a hole for the ponytail to stick out. It snaps around the head.

  Basic Daisy and Willow.  They come with a pixie cut and 3 hairpieces - a fancy up-braid (just barely visible on the mannequin head on the ground), a long fall, and a bun (for on top of head).  The bun and braid attach with a hair-colored headband.  The fall attaches with tiny clips.  Basic Daisy has white "frosted" lipstick.  In the background is the outfit "Little Underthings."

Very daring low cut gown.  I think it's called something like "Somers and Fields 25th Anniversary"..  That's Doug James' hand showing of the shoes, which have rhinestone t-straps.  Modelled by a basic Daisy with the bun hairpiece.

The "Mannequin".  This will sell for around $30 and is great for sewing or displaying outfits.  It comes with removable arms, and an extra 3rd arm, which is bent.  Don't know if D&W will be produced with bent arms.  You can also see the stand (base may change.  Doug James would like to see a different color and the Somers and Fields logo on it.)  Unfortunately, if you have a doll from 1999 that came without a stand, you will have to purchase one ($15 - $18.  I got conflicting suggested retail price on those.)