Jeckyll & Hyde restaurant, 6th Ave & 57th St., NYC


It was an interesting evening at an interesting restaurant... If you're visiting NYC w/the kids (pre-teen and up), you might like this place.  It has a sort of horror/humor theme with a lot of entertainment.  Lots of sinister characters running around and talking to you - butlers, maids, mad scientists, Dr. Jeckyll, Mr. Hyde, etc.  Talking mummies, gargoyles, Frankenstein and others put on shows every 20 minutes or so.  We were there for a loooong time, so we saw a lot of it!

It was Michelle's birthday and Ron got her a special cake with a cracked mirror decoration.


Michelle's Gene enjoys her new Tiki bar from Retros and happy hour glass collection.


Hmmm... Gene is shocked!


Gene is enjoying her new bar an awful lot!  I don't Ron was looking up her skirt...

Some of the other dolls in attendance...

Madra in a Morticia outfit & wig from Retros.

An Adrian repaint in Fashion Boulevard's Desperate Measures.

DLD's Constance in Red Carpet (she was wearing more earlier in the evening, but alcohol has its effect...) 


One of the wandering butlers took quite a liking to Gene (mild doll pornography - don't click on image if you might be offended!) 


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