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General information:

Most of the items in the Gene/Madra/Trent line are open editions.  There are a few items that are limited to 5000.

There are very few ribbon tie shoes in the line this year!! Yippeee!!!

Trent's stand has a crescent shaped cut-out so it can nestle against Gene/Madra's stand and he can stand close to them.  I thought it would be great if you could use this new shaped stand for Gene/Madra, too, but the little black riser on the base of the stand is where the extra height is.

The Retailer Exclusive costume is "Shimmering Star", a white not-quite-full-length gown with a full skirt.  It has silver beading around the bodice and waist.  Designed by George Sarofeen. (Previous Retailer Exclusive costumes have been Ransom in Red, At Home for the Holidays, Spellbound, etc.)  Click here for a picture.

The Retailer Exclusive doll is "Love in Bloom", a brunette Gene in a slim pink gown with a ribbon embroidered shoulder strap and a matching cape with ribbon embroidery.  (Previous Retailer Exclusive dolls have been King's Daughter, Midnight Gamble, Encore, etc.)

The Star Retailer Exclusive is Madra in "Scarlet Temptress", designed by Tim Kennedy.  It is a very tight gown with 2 large roses prominently placed to accent Madra's, ahem, feminine features.

"Stolen Moments" Madra (in a pink beaded gown with hood, designed by Jose Ferrand) and "Black Ice" Madra (in black gown with large bow at shoulder, designed by Tim Kennedy) do NOT have the same hair style.  They both have blonde curls up front, but "Black Ice's" hair is pulled up tightly in the back, while "Stolen Moments" has a curl similar to "Blue Fox", pictured below.

"The Lady Knows" has a great hairstyle - blonde with bangs and the back in an intricate twist.

Trent's "Tennis Anyone" outfit has A LOT of pieces - pants, shorts, white button down shirt, gray animal print button down shirt, sweater, white sneakers, socks.  Very nice.  Click here for a picture.

There are 3 "masquerade" type costumes - Gene in "Pierrette", Trent in "Lover in Disguise" and Madra in "Scorned Woman".  The Trent and Gene dolls share the same white, black and pink coloring.  Madra is black with red and white accents.  Pierrette has PINK hair!  These are all limited editions of 5000. Trent does have a mustache (at least the prototype does).  Click here for a picture of the 3.

There will be a Gene calendar for 2002.  Looks like mostly the standard publicity shots.  Click here to see promo sheet.

Some of the designers:

Chocolate Truffle (Madra costume) - Jim Howard
Summer/Winter Set (Madra costume) - Jim Howard
Blue Fox (dressed Gene doll) - Tim Kennedy
Black Ice
(dressed Madra doll) - Tim Kennedy
Scarlet Temptress (dressed Madra doll) - Tim Kennedy
Stormy Weather (Madra costume) - Tim Kennedy
Rio Rumba (Madra costume) - Tim Kennedy
Crazy for Calypso (Gene costume) - Tim Kennedy
Everything's Coming Up Roses (dressed Gene doll) - Jose Ferrand
Stolen Moments (dressed Madra doll) - Jose Ferrand
Anything But Nice (Madra Costume) - George Sarofeen
Shimmering Star (Gene costume) - George Sarofeen
A Lady Knows (dressed Gene doll) - Bob Lange
My Heart's Song (dressed Gene doll) - Bob Lange
Unsung Melody (dressed Madra doll) - Bob Lange
Garden Party (dressed Gene doll) - Debbie Silva
Batter Up (Gene costume) - student design
Little Blessings (Gene Costume) - Vince Nowell
Mad About Mitzi (Madra Costume) - Vince Nowell
Tennis Anyone (Trent Costume) - Vince Nowell
Brunch with Katie (Gene costume) - Lynne Day
Blue Heaven (Gene costume) - Lynne Day
Perfect Match (FAO Gene doll) - Lynne Day
Bonnie and Blithe (Gene costume) - Christine Curtis


"Blue Fox" - dressed doll.   A new hair color in a very elegant style. The cape is reversible - the inside is fully fur lined. So, when you pose the doll, you can fold as much of the fur over the top and bottom as you want to show, or just display either the fur or fabric side.


"Cold Shoulder" Madra with a reddish blonde hair color (similar to "Dance with Me").  The fur piece looks nice on this.  She has green fishnet hose.


Madra outfits "Coffee Klatch" and "Stormy Weather".  The dress under the raincoat is a slim dress with contrasting print on bodice and skirt.  It has brown ribbon tie shoes and gold "galoshes" to go over them.  The purse is very nicely done - a kind of Art Deco design with lined in a striped fabric.


Madra in "Turbulence".  Cool aviator outfit - I hope they tone down her hair a bit.  Her flight bag includes accessories, like maps, thermos, etc.  The maps are accurately drawn for the time period.


"Perfect Match" - FAO Spring Exclusive doll.  Designed by Lynne Day.  Those are black pants under the skirt.


"April Showers" - Ashton-Drake has teamed up with Coca-Cola to produce this Coca-Cola Calendar Girl based on vintage calendars.  This is a great doll!  It reminds me of "Warmest Wishes" in its details.  Of course, it comes with a miniature bottle of Coke. 


Madra in the costume worn by Anne Baxter at the end of "All About Eve".  This is part of a new line in conjunction with 20th Century Fox.  The cape has exquisite beading, especially down the left hand side, which is unfortunately not visible in this photo.  The other dolls in the line are Gene as Marilyn Monroe in a blue gown from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" and Trent as Tyrone Power in an elegant Indian costume from the 1939 film "The Rains Came"

The "Marilyn" doll is a pale, pale platinum blonde (not white) and her dress is navy blue with tiny "beading" (I don't know what this fabric is called, but it has little balls attached in swirly patterns to look like beads.)  It is a slim fitting dress, lined in light pink with a matching jacket.   The Trent doll, in my opinion, is a wonderful doll.  It is a very elegant, exotic costume and makes a beautiful doll that can stand on his own. Click here for another photo.

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