PHOTOS FROM THE 2002 NJ/NY/PA/DE/CT Summer Gathering
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My basement is *almost* finished and I have started putting my dolls out for display.


A Deb Sprouse repaint with DAE's "All that Glitters" (prototype gown for Fashion Boulevard's "All that Shimmers")

Madra Centerpiece doll from Tulsa Gene 2001 convention

Belle of the Ball from Tulsa Gene 2001 Convention

Shanghai and Haute Couture Cissys



A rewigged Cissy in Alluring Amethyst's gown.

Onyx and Lace Cissy



Cafe Rose and Marc Bouwer Cissys

Marc Bouwer Cissy in Tonner Model Andrea's gown

Venice Cissy (without cape)

rewigged Cissy in Aquamarine gown



3 Tonner Models - Mia, Stella and Angelique

An OOAK by Crawford Manor and Fete Imperiale by DAE



3 Flappers

Lisa Gates repaints in a Design-and-Dolldreams outfit.

Outfit by ?

OOAK outfit by Becky Geis of Silver Screen Couture

More from the 20's:

Bordeaux and Violette La Mode Tylers from 2002 Paris Convention

Torch Song Violet

Madra from 2002 Paris Convention

I Do and DAE's Simply the Ritz on a Lisa Gates repaint

Winter Romance Gene

Fascination Violet

Peach ladies:

Savoir Faire Sydney

Cover Girl Esme

DAE's Simply the Ritz on a Deb Sprouse repaint

Laurie Leigh repaint in a DAE dress

Creme de Cassis Gene

Helen Skinner repainted and dressed Violet

New Look:

Love Paris Gene

Christian Dior #2 Barbie

Gene in Dior's Bar Suit by DAE

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