PHOTOS FROM THE 2002 NJ/NY/PA/DE/CT Holiday Gathering
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Even More Show and Tell...

Cara and Colin by CED.


Coca Cola Holiday Shopper Gene (pin by Facets) 


Holiday Gala Sydney.  Jewelry by Facets.

Mover and Shaker Sydney Chase.  Necklace by Facets.



A fabulous swap gift from Brian Bulkley.  An original watercolor of an original design.  Given to David/Harry Klein.

Comparison of Patricia Cronin's prototype of "April Violets".  

On the left: repainted Gene doll wearing the prototype.  Note differences in cut of jacket, skirt length, shoes, hat fabric.

On the right: production doll of Christina St. Clain in April Violets.


Comparison from the back.  


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