December 6th, 1998 at Edith Reilly's home

    These are photos of dolls which people brought for "show and tell" and our Gene club's Holiday Gathering in Kendall Park, NJ.  Edith Reilly and her charming daughter, Chelsea, were gracious hostesses and a good time was had by all!  Unfortunately, I was late in arriving and missed a lot of the background info on the dolls.  If these are your dolls or if you or if you recognize the designers, please let me know.

Page 1 - Club Ensemble "Weekend Outing", Circe, Solange, Stacey repaints, and Mark Middendorf

Page 2 - Jonell Belke and Anne Marie

Page 3 - Mark Middendorf, Joshard, and more gorgeous repaints by Stacey

My Loot - Franklin Lim-Liao's Dragon Empress, Fashions by Alana, Hatitudes, and more.

Photos on these pages were taken with an Olympus 320L Digital Camera.