Rosemont 2002

I did not attend this show, but was given these pictures by someone else.

The new Seventeen dolls are sculpted by Robert Tonner and will be released by Ashton-Drake later this year.  The 4 "Prom" dolls will retail at $79.95.  There will also be a Basic doll and a few separate outfits.  These dolls are 16" tall.  The 1940's and 1950's dolls have flat feet and the other 2 "Prom" dolls have arched feet.  The Basic doll will also have arched feet and is dressed in a casual outfit, including a t-shirt similar to that from Tyler's Cosmetics Campaign.  These pictures are from a brochure.

1940's Prom Seventeen Doll

1950's Prom Seventeen Doll

1970's Prom Seventeen Doll

Today's Prom Seventeen Doll

Very Violet or Ultra Violet
(not sure of the name)

Violet Fan Appreciation Trunk Set
(don't if trunk and doll are sold separately)

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