PHOTOS FROM THE 2003 NJ/NY/PA Summer Gathering
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Dolls from my "doll room" - a foyer area in my basement

Tonner Models: Michelle, Paige, Natasha, Isabella



Caribbean Kiss Gene, Out of the Blue Violet, BW Sydney modeling DAE's Simply Angelic, Manhattan Magic Mei Li



Mei Li in Dragonfly Ball, Rapture Tyler, Embassy Dinner Mei Li, Firebird Sydney


Cover Girl Esme, Deb Sprouse repaint in DAE's Simply the Ritz, Petit Ensemble Noir Tyler in a House of Troy original


Red, white & blue:

Holiday Gala Sydney (red), Parisienne Sydney (white), and a copy of the gown in blue by Helen Skinner on Amethyste Tyler (blue)

Tulsa memories:

Centerpiece Madra, Deb Sprouse repaint in DAE's prototype gown "All That Glitters" (won at Tulsa auction), Gena Claire repaint in Fashion Boulevard's "All That Shimmers", Belle of the Ball Gene

Suits & Hats:

Cissy - Haute Couture, Monte Carlo & Midnight.  Kitty Collier - Park Avenue

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