Kingstate 2002

I will be carrying Kingstate Shoes!

Pre-order prices on new styles pictured below.  Expected delivery is April 2002.

Sandals and Mules: $13 for box of 3 pairs (see varieties below)

Thigh High Boots: $15 for 2 pairs (1 black and 1 red - sorry no pics)

Kitty Collier pumps: $6.50 per pair  (black, red, or white)

Email me to place an order

The strappy sandals should fit just about all of the 15" - 16" dolls, as the straps are adjustable around the toe area.  The X-strap sandals and mules also seem to have enough toe space to accommodate the dolls' feet easily.

Pumps for Kitty Collier 

 black, red or white

Pre-order price: $6.50 per pair

Open Toe Mules

#37 - Patent: black, red, white

#38 - Matte: wine, black, sky blue

#39 - Pastel: sky blue, pink, lilac


Pre-order price: $13 for box of 3



Open Toe Mules

#40 - ivory, lime, yellow

#41 - Metallics: pearl, silver, gold

#42 - black, pink, pearl


Pre-order price: $13 for box of 3


#28 - Strappy Sandals: black, red, gold

#29 - Strappy Sandals: silver, white, black

#30 - X-toe sandals: gold, black, red


Pre-order price: $13 for box of 3

#31 - Strappy Sandals - white, black, silver

#32 - Ankle Strap Sandals - lilac, pearl, pink


Pre-order price: $13 for box of 3



Laced Sandals
(these have a contrasting lace woven across the vamp and a little bow in the center)

#33  - white, red and black

#34 - wine, silver, gold


Pre-order price: $13 for box of 3



Rose Sandals

#35  - black, white, red

#36 - sky blue, pink, pearl

Pre-order price: $13 for box of 3



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