Emme - Plus Size Model!

Emme is a new 16" fashion doll based on the popular plus-size model. There will be a wardrobe for her. The doll and wardrobe information will be distributed to dealers in the early summer. Her price range will be comparable to Kitty Collier's. She should be available for shipping around September.

They are discussing Emme patterns, but they need to see how the doll does. Emme has a clothing line of her own and if they do patterns, there may be tie-ins to that.  

Emme's wardrobe will include (at least): a cocktail dress, 2 formals, 2 casual outfits, and a suit/sweater outfit. There may be a leather outfit. Many of these are based on Emme's personal clothes.

Emme will not have bending arms and legs... yet. If the doll does well, they will articulate her and also introduce other "friends" in the line.



Boudoir Dolls
(Camille - white, Brigitte - pink, Giselle - green)

These dolls have vinyl head, arms and lower legs.  Body and upper legs are fabric.

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