Here's Matt!  

He will have a lower hairline.  He is articulated at legs, arms, waist, ankles, wrist and chest (see Tyler body picture below to see what that means).

The "Basic" Matt will come in boxer and t-shirt and should retail around $50 - $60. 

You can see more of Matt's proposed outfits (not sure if they will be dressed dolls or outfits only) in the Fashion Show pictures. 

 Tyler's articulated body


High Style Sydney

This Sydney will be released in conjunction with Reverie Press' High Style magazine.  This is a one-issue Tonner promotion pseudo-fashion magazine to be released around August.


11" Emme (or maybe 12"?)- to be sold at mass retail outlets like Toys R Us.  Dolls seem to come with lots of clothing accessories.  There was nothing out of the box. 

Close up of 2003 Basic Kitty 

Sketchbook Savvy - outfit from the 2003 Tyler Fashion Show.  Embroidered designs are based on Tyler's Aunt Regina's sketchbook.


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