I made up this Hollywood trivia quiz for my doll party on May 12th.  Most people complained that it was too hard, and the top score was around 15.  Let's see how you do...

1.                  Name 3 classic Film Noir films based on James M. Cain novels. (1 pt each)


2.                  Name 10 Hitchcock films with one word titles. (1 pt each.  5 pt bonus for 10.)
_________________________      ________________________      _______________________
_________________________      ________________________      _______________________
_________________________      ________________________      _______________________


3.                  What actor from “It’s a Wonderful Life” originated the role of Columbo, before Peter Falk? (3 pts)


4.                  Who is the tallest? (2 pts)

a.      Mickey Rooney                        b.  Bette Davis

c.   James Cagney                        d.  Edward G. Robinson     


5.                  Name the film which inspired these remakes: (3 pts each)

a.      Body Heat                                ______________________________________

b.      Dirty Rotten Scoundrels            ______________________________________

c.      Heaven Can Wait                     ______________________________________

d.     Meet Joe Black                        ______________________________________

e.      No Way Out                            ______________________________________

f.       Rich and Famous                      ______________________________________

g.      You’ve Got Mail                      ______________________________________

h.     A Perfect Murder                     ______________________________________

i.       Showgirls                                 ______________________________________


6.                  Which of these actors never played Frankenstein’s monster (2 pts)
      a.  Boris Karloff          b. Bela Lugosi
      c.  Lon Chaney, Jr.       d. Lon Chaney, Sr.


7.                  Name 3 films in which Bette Davis played a character named Charlotte (1 pt for 1, 5 pts for 2, 10 pts for 3): 


8.                  Which of these directors never won a Best Director Oscar? (2 pts)

a.  Frank Capra                        b.  Michael Curtiz
c.  Alfred Hitchcock                        d.  John Huston


9.                  Which of the following is NOT true about Angela Lansbury? (1 pt)

a.                  She won an Oscar for her debut film.

b.                  Her real name is Alice Lars.

c.                   She was only 3 years older than Laurence Harvey, who played her son in “The Manchurian Candidate”.

d.                  She never won an Emmy.

 60 points total